Load Station description and features

Load Station is a Type III ship loading instrument. It is fully compliant with IACS UR L5 and IMO Criterias. Aim of the product is to provide a simple but powerful user experience.

  • Modern innovative user interface.
  • Loading cases for tankers, cargo ships, and container ships
  • 3D visualisation of ship position
  • Quick summary of equilibrium status
  • No interpolation tables. Calculation are done directly on ship model.
  • Ullage input for tanks levels and trim corrections.
  • Longitudinal strength assessment
  • Heel range, trim range and limitin GM constraint to assist during loadcase creation.
  • Intact Stability calculations.
  • Deterministic damage stability calculations.
  • Grain stability calculations.
  • PDF report generation without third-party applications.
  • Draught survey module for calculation and reporting.
View of 3D Ship position
Loadcase edit panel.